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Percy The Purple Pigeon Safe T-Shirts

A new Personalised "Safe TShirt" design from Xstream Ltd.

Percy The Purple Pigeon is a friendly homing pigeon that will help try to give parents peace of mind when out in busy places such as beaches, parks and airports. The TShirt has a cute design of Percy on the front with the following message that reads:

If I'm looking lost or sad, Percy, my homing Pigeon can help,
No need for alarm, Just look under Percy's name on my arm,
Here you'll find a number to get me home,
So I will no longer be lost all on my own".

On the inside of the right arm sleeve, under the special " Percy Signature logo" will be your personalised contact number incase the child wanders and loses their way. 

The reality when a child is lost, is that most of us who find a lost child will make every effort to reunite them with parents. However, it is always tricky if a child has wandered and can be a very frightening and a worrying few minutes. This TShirt is a fun design that will hopefully help reduce this time if your child is lost. 

When visiting very busy places such as shopping centres, airports, beaches, play parks its not always possible to explain to a small child where to go if they become separated from you. Hoping it will never happen but we hope this Safe TShirt gives parents a little peace of mind.


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