Please check delivery deadlines listed on your dedicated site or speak with a club/school contact

All sizes given on our site are accurate to measurements supplied - please MEASURE, MEASURE, MEASURE. If you require advice please do not hesitate to call us. We advise to use cm/inch measurements rather than age guidelines, as these can differ from one product to another.

Discrepancy procedure

Please note that if you have any issue or shortage with your order, that you have not been notified of by email, please email the details within 48hrs of receipt of order. Please notify us within 48hrs  of any delivery that does not arrive after a dispatch email has been sent to you- otherwise we are unable to trace and if sent with ROYAL MAIL they will destroy the uncollected item. 

WE STRONGY ADVISE SCHOOL OR CLUB DELIVERY. We will be unable to deal with shortages after this timeframe. If there is sizing discrepancy we will always try and help. However, after 4 weeks we will not consider the case.